Bad ass babes: The movie

Our sexiest and craziest film which is based upon our hit Video game.

An Alien invasion sees mankind mutated into monstrous slaves and women rounded up for alien hybrid breeding experiments. A few brave women find the strength to fight back.

This is filled with low budget blood and gore, comedy, action and loads of nudity. You have been warned !

By purchasing our film you will be supporting our future projects including a sequel to game and potentially a follow up film

The film is also available as a physical copy DVD.

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Which can be arranged through Paypal

sketchy poster low res.jpg


A horror short film about a group of friends who start succumbing to unexplained and evil events whilst seeing visions of a mysterious man.

new urban poster low res.png

Urban Lockdown

A small town with the largest privatly owned prison in the country is over run when the inmates escape and over power the police and military. One man must sneak into town, save his sister and any survivors along the way whilst becoming something he has been avoiding his whole life... a hero.

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Warrant for vengeance

An old cop is forced into retirement due to heart problems and decides to close his cases before he dies by hunting down all the known felons who escaped justice and killing them.

Twos company thieves a crowd

2 robbers evade the police by hiding out inside a house that is in the process of being burgled by two thieves...

a zero budget film which was my first attempt at a comedy. tried to make it quirky and fun.


W.A.R is a youtube webseries which allows the viewers a interactive experience watching pro wrestling where they get to choose the outcome of the match. Cick the logo above to be taken to the page for more information and videos.