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Urban Lockdown

A small town with the largest privatly owned prison in the country is over run when the inmates escape and over power the police and military. One man must sneak into town, save his sister and any survivors along the way whilst becoming something he has been avoiding his whole life... a hero.

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Everyday man Jason Jones is harassed by door knocking charity workers when he stumbles upon their dark secret ties to an organised crime lord.


Filled with comedy and action this directors cut is a revamp of this movie with entirely new music, vfx and editing.

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A horror short film about a group of friends who start succumbing to unexplained and evil events whilst seeing visions of a mysterious man.

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Warrant for vengeance

An old cop is forced into retirement due to heart problems and decides to close his cases before he dies by hunting down all the known felons who escaped justice and killing them.

Bad ass babes: The movie

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 This film is filled with low budget blood and gore, comedy, action and loads of nudity based upon our hit Video game.

An Alien invasion sees mankind mutated into monstrous slaves and women rounded up for alien hybrid breeding experiments. A few brave women find the strength to fight back.

To purchase the movie for $10 USD click the BUY NOW button to arrange payment.

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