Side scrolling beat em up action from the creator of Bad ass babes

When notorious crime lord Sanchez escapes from prison and controls all the inmates to over run the town the city is in chaos!
The citizens are in need of saving and its up to you!

Rick: an ex military soldier who must free his kidnapped sister Janet from Sanchez and his goons.

Sheriff: The local law enforcement is over run and its virtually up to you to restore law and order

Shane: an escaped criminal who doesn't want to follow Sanchez's orders. He disguises himself as a good guy to over throw Sanchez and take over the gang

Game features:

3 player local coop play
Digitized sprites (like the glory days of Mortal Kombat)
Old school side scrolling beat em up action!
randomised enemies and items ! (each playthrough will be slightly different!)
hard hitting combos and juggling enemies for simple yet intricate combat
various special moves available to master
various weapons to use against the enemy
Environmental objects to throw and use as makeshift weapons and traps
first person on rails shooting levels
Bonus modes to play upon completing story!
Dojo mode to learn about various moves and practice your skills

Urban Lockdown game

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$5.00Sale Price